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About me

Over the years, furniture has a lot to endure due to changes in location, air, light and use. I often encounter cracks due to the wood’s effect, damaged finish, missing veneer, wear due to use, moisture damage or damage caused by woodworm. My goal is to restore the furniture to its former glory. I ensure that the character of the furniture is preserved and that the furniture does not deteriorate further. I use materials that make the restoration reversible, such as bone glue. This means that a restoration can be undone in the event that changing insights into the future might make it desirable.

Barbara has respect, feeling, knowledge for furniture and objects. She is professional and pleasant to work with. - Andreas Koch, client

Restoring antique furniture is in my blood. My grandfather had a large workshop behind his house where he made furniture. As a child, I loved snooping around and making my own doll furniture. Those moments determined my choice for my 4-year education at the Wood and Furniture College in Amsterdam. I decided to specialize in the restoration profession and started my own restoration studio. That was more than 15 years ago. And I have been loving it ever since.

If you have a question or would like an estimate of costs, please send me an email for more information. Mail to info@verstedenrestauratie.nl or call +31 6  212 64 407

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